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Hazelnut Royal Mousse Cake (By LéMousse)


Rich and creamy dark chocolate mousse with chocolate chiffon sponge, hazelnut crunch, dark chocolate shards, golden macarons, berries, dark chocolate mirror glaze, edible gold dust, and edible gold leaves. This cake only comes in 6 inch single tier size.

    Packaging and Cake Care
    Cakes are packed in plain white cake box. Avoid swinging the cake. Our cakes can be consume up to 2 days after collection. During transportation, please keep and hold cake on a flat surface. Keep cool and refrigerated, avoid direct sun.

    Available for Islandwide Delivery & Pickup

    Disclaimer: recipient of the cake is wholly responsible to ensure that the order specifications of the cake received which includes  provisions of decorations, knives, candles,  are correct and in good condition. Subsequent disputes regarding damage to the cake or incorrect cake design will not be entertained if not you may raised to the driver at the time of delivery. LELE Bakery will not be responsible for any damage after the delivery has been completed.



Storage and consumption

  • This cake design is mousse cake base, if refrigerated, best consumed at right out of the fridge. All cakes given will be freeze to ensure stability of cake.
  •  We do not recommend displaying or store cakes in warm and humid areas. especially under the hot sun.


  • All serving suggestions are recommendations and would depend on the size of slices served to your guests.
    Weights are approximations only accordingly to the designs and flavours chosen.